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Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property meets with lawyers to define its role

RIYADH: The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property has held a meeting with lawyers, in conjunction with the Saudi Arabian Bar Association, to discuss the future of intellectual property law in the Kingdom, in a bid to enhance cooperation between the authority and Saudi lawyers.
A historical background of intellectual property in Saudi Arabia was presented to the delegates, showing its accession to the International Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 1982, through to the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property (PARIS) and the issuance of a number of related regulations such as copyright, patent and trademark.
They also discussed the national strategy for intellectual property, the development of intellectual property systems, the efficient and high quality of products and services, the raising of awareness of intellectual property rights, as well as the direction of the intellectual property system in the Kingdom.
It is hoped that the meeting will raise awareness of intellectual property law in the Kingdom and the activities of the authority.

The authority was established in March this year to tighten up the Kingdom’s approach to intellectual property and law.

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