Starbucks Introduces First Store in Saudi Arabia that offers The Clover® Brewing method

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Starbucks introduces its brand new “Tafaseel Store”, the first store in KSA that offers the Clover brewing method and a range of small-lot Reserve coffee in the well-known Takhassusi street, near Tahlia Road.

The opening of the store in Riyadh, represents Starbucks uncompromising pursuit of elevating the coffee experience for its customers. Commenting on the store opening, Chris Dalrymple, Senior Operations Manager – Starbucks KSA said: “We are extremely proud to introduce our first store in Saudi Arabia where customers can enjoy a coffee brewed on the Clover machine. These stores showcase our passion for coffee in this region and the new store defines a new opportunity bringing customers closer to their coffee – and Starbucks – more than ever before.”

The Clover® brewing system is one of the most significant innovations in coffee brewing since the introduction of the espresso machine. This unique brewing method uses a patented Vacuum-Press technology most similar to a coffee press and a vacuum brewing process that brings out flavors of coffee. The store offers additional, brewing methods that bring out the best flavor of coffee such as Nitro Cold Brew, Syphon, Chemex and Pour Over each providing distinguished and noticeable flavors to your coffee.

The Tafaseel store sits in an elegantly tall space with glass façade, decorated with a large bespoke chandelier that features a coffee tree. Growing from the bar, the chandelier extend its leaves across the ceiling made out of hundreds of small lights, highly visible from the street. The bar is designed as the heart of the store that is made from rich warm, light, coffee color tones, textured marble.

The walls are delicately carved out of wood and symbolize the coffee growing landscape. The richness and layering of textures in this large-scale art piece make it a true highlight of the store and complete the beautiful new store experience for customers.

Two small-lot Reserve coffees will be on offer for customers to choose from at the store opening – Nicaragua La Laguna and Rwanda Sholi. The store will also offer Starbucks core range of food and beverages that are known and loved by customers in KSA.

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