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Video: Motorist knocks down cyclist in Sharjah

Dubai: Police in Sharjah are warning motorists to take caution on the roads after CCTV captured the moment when a car hit an unsuspecting cyclist. 

Police took to social media on Sunday, where they pointed out the mistakes carried out by both the driver and the cyclist.

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Within the first hour of the video going online, the footage received over 11,000 views across social networking sites.

According to the footage, the accident occurred when the cyclist crossed the road from an undesignated area and the motorist suddenly changed lanes.

How to drive safely to avoid hitting cyclists

  • Cyclists are weaker than vehicles, so be respectful and polite 
  • Bicycle riders are equal traffic participants, and motorists should obey their rights
  • Anticipate moves of cyclists and don’t cut them off
  • Keep a safe distance
  • Be mindful that you can irritate cyclists with speeding, honking or your head lights
  • Around cyclists, use your indicators and make them know your planned moves
  • Keep eye contact with cyclists
  • Be extra careful when you see children on bicycles
  • Carefully open the door of your car and watch out for cyclists.

Source: Road Safety UAE  

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