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Man fined for Dh5,000 for taking woman’s photos

A Sharjah court orders Indian expat to pay fine for taking photo of woman involved in an accident

Sharjah: An Indian man has been slapped with Dh5,000 fine for taking pictures of woman involved in a car accident with him.

The Sharjah Appeal Court found ordered the man to pay the fine after he was found guilty of taking pictures of the woman without her permission,

Judge Abdullah Yousuf Al Shamsi also ordered him to pay the court fee.

Eman Sabt, the woman’s lawyer, said her Emirati client filed a complaint with police after she found the man taking pictures of her while she was getting out of her car.

After the woman found out that the man took pictures of her coming out of the car, she decided to file a case against him for breach of privacy and taking pictures without her permission.

The accident was reported in Abu Shagara in March this year.

The case was first referred to Sharjah Misdemeanor Court, which cleared the man from the charges but the public prosecution appealed the decision and got the verdict in their favour.

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